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Preparing Overseas Moving

Moving abroad requires a certain amount of time for planning and preparation.

Usually, dates for removals to foreign countries are chosen some time in advance to allow the customer to get an overview on:

  • Which household goods must be shipped?

  • Which pieces of furniture should be kept for storage?

  • Which items should leave behind?

  • When is the removal scheduled?

  • When should the removal goods to be delivered at destination?

  • What is required from the moving company (such as packing of household goods, dismantling and reassembling of furniture etc.)?

Prior to any relocations a visual pre-move survey is conducted at customer's home. This enables our estimators to find out each customer's individual requirements, depending on the kind of removal and on the destination, which are then already included in our offer.

Normally 3 - 4 weeks are sufficient from the date of the pre-move survey to submitting our offer and the actual start of the removal.

Since requirements for each transfer to a foreign country are different, our customers may choose among the following options at origin:

Full Service

Recommended for complete furnished houses and appartments - we pack and wrap everything.

Basic Service

Recommanded, if you will move only a part of your furniture and household goods to overseas.

Eco Service

Our Service Economic is specially for people who prefer to do the most performance by themself and to save money.

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